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This Section is specially created for Healthcare Professionals to learn in-depth medical knowledge how Oska PEMF can help 

Oska has been widely used by healthcare Professionals in many developed countries, including United States, to help patients relieve pain without any side effects.

Below are clinical trials from different Hospitals, Medical Institutes, Universities and Oska Pulse HQ internal fact sheets to certain Pain and Disease on how PEMF can assist these medical conditions with signficant efficacy but without any side effects.

The following is a list of some Medical and Health Care Organisations who use or refer their patients to the Oska Pulse.

Scripps Health
Sanford Health
UC Irvine Integrated Health
Kaiser Permente
Mathers Hospital/Northwell Group
Hartford Hospital Pain Treatment Centre
San Diego Orthobiologics
Living Life Physical Therapy
Klingert Chiropractic
Quantum Functional Medicine
Burswood Health
Painless Clinic
Veterans Administration Medical Centre - Florida
US Navy Seals onboarding program
B2B Wellness
University of Southern California Sports Medicine
San Diego State University Sports Medicine
Jett Medical
Center of Excellence in Pain Management and Regenerative Medicine
Advanced Diagnostic Pain Treatment Center
JMB Medical Detroit
High Tech Rehab
VA Medical Centre: San Antoni TX, Houston TX, An Arbor MI, Detroit MI, San Diego, Raleigh Durham NC, Fayetteville NC
Tale Hospital
University of California San Diego Pain Clinic
University of Irvine Sports Medicine
Enrich Living
Catholic Homes WA
Elderbloom Community Centre
Mercy Care
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