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How to use?


1. Where do I place Oska Pulse? Does it have to directly contact with skin?

- Place Oska within 11” at the source of pain. Oska Pulse can emits 22” Diameter field, can pass through cloths and most solid object so you don’t have to place it on your skin. 

2. Where on the body can I use Oska Pulse?

Oska Pulse can be used anywhere on the body, wherever there is pain and inflammation. For recommended use for a specific medical condition please consult you medical doctor.


3. How many times per day should I use Oska Pulse?

- Whilst there is no limit as no side effect, we recommend a minimum 2-3 hours each day;  more often if treating chronic pain. Oska Pulse using a very special PEMF frequencies and settings that most human will get benefit for faster pain relief than normal. Use as often as you can for best results. 

4. Can I use Oska while sleeping? 

- Yes, it is safe to use Oska Pulse while sleeping, and it is especially efficient managing your pain., The device will run for its pre-programmed duration then turn off automatically.


5. Any side effects if I use over 10 hours a day?

- No, over hundreds and thousands of Clinical Studies proof Oska Pulse and its PEMF technology has no side effects. There is no overuse, and no reported side effects. The therapy will utilize water within your body, so to prevent dehydration ensure you drink water to remain hydrated whilst using. Please consult your medical doctor for recommendations to your specific medical condition.


6. My age is 88, having shoulder pain, I want to use Oska while sleeping, putting it under pillow will cause any problem to my brain?

- Absolutely you can use Oska on any parts of your body, any age and it has no side effects. Oska Pulse is safe to use under your pillow. It is best to position the device within 5 inches of the target area, which is optimal range.


7. Can I travel with Oska Pulse? 

- Oska Pulse is approved for air and ground travel. However, if requested, please present Oska Pulse to designated authorities for direct inspection. Be sure to travel with the User Manual for device information. Store the device in your carry on luggage due to the battery.



Your Recovery Journey


1. How long before I feel a benefit?

- Results can be experienced immediately. However, it depends on many factors such as time, intensity, injury or degenerative condition and your general health. Some conditions may take several weeks of treatment before a noticeable relief is experienced. Persistent use is the key. A condition you’ve had for several years will take longer than a few days to resolve. 


2. Why do I need to drink more water while using Oska Pulse?

- The effects of PEMF modulating cell membranes in your body tissues can assist in flushing toxins to the blood stream. Remaining hydrated will facilitate your body in removing these toxins. If you experience headaches during or after using Oska, you should increase your fluid intake. Drinking more water will optimise PEMF treatment


3. Do we keep using Oska even the pain has completely gone?

- After consistently using Oska, your pain can be under control or gone, but it does not mean the underlying issue causing your pain is resolved. Even if you do not have pain, using Oska on a daily basis helps as a preventative mechanism and with the regeneration of your cells.


4. I am consistently using Oska and my pain has stopped. Can I stop my medications?

- Many of our Oska Pulse users successfully find relief or manage their pain, thus they do not feel the need for continuing with medication, especially pain killers. However, please consult your Doctor review your use of Oska Pulse, and ask if it is ok to reduce / modify your medications (especially reducing pain killer intake).


5. Sometimes I feel the pain area is spreading out, tingling or feeling warm while using Oska?

- Some people may feel a sensation of tingling or warming while using Oska Pulse. These are very good signs as you are benefiting from using Oska. Oska is speeding up your recovering process by assisting your cells to operate better. Your cell is now metabolising, taking in nutrients and expelling toxins. This enhancement may cause you to feel your pain is spreading out or tingling. Feeling warm is normal because Oska can increase your blood circulation that also speed up your recovery. Please drink more water and remain hydrated while using Oska to speed up your overall recovery process.


About battery and charging


1. How do I know if the battery is running low?

- If Oska switches off in less than 30 minutes or beeps multiple times when pressing the start button, this indicates the battery needs re-charging.


2. How Long does it take to recharge the battery to full?

- A full charge from 0% takes 1-3 hours, depend on USB Amps. 


3. What is the best way to run-in the battery?

As the battery is new, you may only get 5 or 6 applications before the need to re-charge. After fully re-charging 2 or 3 times, you should get between 12 ~ 15 x 90 minute applications before the need to re-charge the battery (for 90-minutes Version). However, more frequent charging of the battery will help to improve total battery life.


4. How many sessions can run for full battery?

We know many situations may affect the battery capacity & performance such as the temperature and frequency of usage, below is for your reference:

- 90 minutes Version should run around 12~15 times until battery starts signalling low battery

- Doctor Version & Doctor (IE) Version should run around 7 times until battery starts signalling low battery


5. How do I know if Oska is charging? When charging is completed?

- There are 2 LED light up at the front while your Oska is charging. These 2 LED will go dim / or almost no light means your Oska has been fully charged. You cannot overcharge the battery. The device is programmed to go into sleep mode when the battery is fully charged


6. What is the battery life?

Oska contains a Lithium-ion battery, that is tested to be safe and reliable. However Lithium-ion battery capacity depletes over time, with frequency of use and other conditions. The Oska Manufacturer warranty on the device is 1 year, but average device lifetime is much longer.


7. My Oska has not been used for a long period of time, when I plug in the charging cable and it has no LED light, what should I do?

- The battery may be completely empty without charge since it has been idle for long period of time. When you re-charge the Oska it will have no LED light on, please let it charge for longer time, say 20-30 minutes the LED light will turn on again. Please keep charging your Oska until it is fully charge again.




​About the Oska Technology


1. I use a magnetic bracelet. (wrist band). How is Oska Pulse different?

- Your magnetic bracelet uses a static magnet, which the body gets used to and becomes ineffective. Oska Pulse uses a series of modulated pulsed electromagnetic energy fields that create a more profound action in the body. These energy fields are designed to resonate with (or mimic) the same electrical potentials (energy) generated by cellular activity in your body that happens naturally during physical activity.  


2. Is Oska Pulse another TENS device?

- NO....definitely not. TENS, is a pain blocker, needs to be attached to the skin, needs you to adjust signal and put a painful signal into a painful area. TENS also requires you to continue to purchase pads and gels. Oska Pulse uses PEMF Technology which operates without an electrical current and rather with a field of energy, at the cellular level to address the root cause of pain. There are not pads or electrodes and the device does not need to be in contact with the skin. Oska Pulse is pre-programmed to operate at the same frequency as your body and does not cause additional pain, Furthermore, once purchased there are no required reoccurring costs.

3. How do I know if the Oska is working, besides the flashing light?

- Our body cannot “feel” any magnetic field although our Earth already has a North-South pole magnetic field. However nowadays our smartphone technology usually come with EMF detection so you may try to download these apps to see if your Oska is emitting EMF. In a quiet room turn your device on and place near your ear, you will hear a humming noise when the device is powered on indicating it is working.


4. Oska’s PEMF Frequency? Intensity? Gauss? 

- Unfortunately these are misleading information. We know the PEMF protocol design determines how effective the device is in restoring your body’s cellular electrical potential and promote natural recovery. Oska Pulse is clinically proven for Significant Pain Reduction. Oska Pulse is a FDA Registered Class 1 Medical Device, CE Class IIA and TGA Class IIA Medical Device.



Precautions of using Oska


1. What kind of person should not use Oska Pulse?

- Everyone can use Oska but if you are: 

(a) Pregnant or nursing

(b) Have a mechanical implant (e.g. pacemaker) or implant made from ferric materials at the site of your pain.

(c) Have cancer, or currently being treated with chemotherapy. 

If you have any questions, please consult with your doctor before using Oska Pulse.


2. I have a pacemaker but suffering knee pain, can I still use Oska at my knee?

- The Oska emits 11” inch radius of PEMF. As the knee is far away enough to your heart and it should not affect your device. You can try using Oska but just ensure is not positioned close to your heart area.


3. Can I use Oska if I have these implants?

[Denture, Inlaid gold/silver teeth, Stent, Joint Replacement, Artificial ureter]

- Nowadays these implants are often made of Titanium or materials that cannot be magnetized. Generally it is safe to use Oska if your implants is using these materials, but it is best to consult your medical doctor prior to use.

If your doctor is uncertain then acquire the Material Data of your implant and we can consult our Oska Medical Professionals to advise if you can use Oska.


4. For Reflex Pain

- For example, sciatic pain felt in the outer hip or thigh area may be due to pressure on the sciatic nerve but felt in the lower back. In this case, place Oska in the lumbar region (L4-L5). [Please note that Oska is clinically proven: Significantly Greater Pain Reduction. For the cause of your pain, please consult your Doctor to identify the origin and treatment. Oska cannot cure the root cause of your problem].

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