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How to buy Oska Pulse
(HCP Only) 

In Hong Kong Region:

1. Government Bodies

Procurement and Contract Management System

Government Logistics Department

Both Oska Pulse and Our Company already in their e-Tender Procurement system

GLD Supplier No.: 0264377

2. Hospital Authority

Procurement & Materials Management Section


Both Oska Pulse and Our Company already in the Tender System

3. Hong Kong Police Force

Hong Kong Police Force Supplier Lists


Supplier Code: 1150

Categories: 11002 Medical Equipment

4. Private Hospitals, Clinics and Healthcare Professional


Please email your enquiry:

In Macau Region

Any Hospitals, Clinics, Healthcare Professionals

Please email your enquiry:

Any enquires please contact our Customer Hotline: +852 98623320

Support from Oska Medical Advisory Board

We understand the PEMF technology is not yet well educated in our Regions. Oska Pulse is using an advanced high technology PEMF protocol to restore human cell functions back to normal level to encourage natural healing with no side effects. It involves a lot of understandings and if you want to learn more how Oska can help your patients relief pain, our Medical Advisors in U.S. are very happy to help you. 

Learn more about Oska Medical Advisory Board


Please email your enquiry to us:

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