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Dr. Joseph Shurman 

Shelby Short, 24 
Suffer the back pain after doing the surgery.

The interview about chronic treatment by using Oska Pulse on The Wellness Hours.

After about two months to using Oska Pulse, Damon saw a big relief in his back.

Before using Oska Pulse, Cynthia could not walk sit or stand for more than five minutes.

Oska Pulse is non-invasive, Travis feel like it's enhancing his body's ability to do its own job.

Because of the problems with Suzanne's back, it has kept her from doing things that she love.

Bob blew a knee out in college and has most severely affected his back. 

Bill was taking a pain reliever, after using Oska Pulse, the pain has significant improvement.


Julie Moss.

I have been working hard to rebab my left by psoas muscle with icing, Ibuprofen, deep tissue massage. What also seems to aggravate the situation is long car rides, so for the 6 hour drive to Wildflower Triathlon this past weekend I fortunate enough to use have my new Oska Pulse along for the ride. What a difference it made! When I arrived at Lake San Antonio I got out of the car pain free. The next morning I ran the very challenging long course trail run and again I was pain free. Driving home after a long weekend of standing on my feet 12-14 hours announcing the event I again used my Oska Pulse. When I arrived home I was still pain free. R=The Oska Pulse has done what all the other rebab attempts couldn't, I am now a true believer.

Janet M.

I could not be more grateful than I am about Oska Pulse. Knee surgery in recent years, and bulging discs in my neck, made it hard for me to do things I wanted around the house and yard. Oska sits by my knee while watching TV and is tucked under my pillow at night to help my neck. I am mowing the yard again and sleeping peacefully through the night. Everybody who sees me wearing my Oska usually asks "what is that" and boy do I tell them! Thank you!

Coach w.

I'm an ex-athlete turned coach for my lil girl's soccer team. I started developing pretty significant back pain immediately after practices and games due to being on my feet, running after balls, putting up nets, etc... all the things coaches do... I tend to shy away from medications (even aspirin), so my neighbor who operates a wellness center suggested I try OSKA Pulse. Its been three weeks since I first started using the OSKA and it has become a post practice / game ritual for me. It has completely stopped the pain I was feeling...great product that really helped me out.

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