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“ Oska is my favourite. ”
March, 2019, Aiqiong

I am 62 years old this year. I met OSKA machine hurt in March last year. Because of the membranitis, I fell to the ground every day, I was so painful and scared. At the same time, my friend had a bruised hand and a spleen a few months ago. He used a lot of methods, such as medicine, Chinese medical. Later, I bought the OSKA machine, my friend used it first. After 4 days, she informed that the bruises disappeared. I continued to use 3 part every day for a week. After two weeks, it has 80% better. I bought one more OSKA machine at the same time for only one foot. Soon, the foot pain has disappeared. The shoulder pain is cured immediately and does not need to be massaged, it saved a lot of time and money. Thank you for the OSKA machine. Now that the my life has changed, Oska is my favourite indeed.

“ Unexpected experience. ”
March, 2020, Ms.Chan

At the beginning of March, my husband wanted to buy a massage gun to relax the muscles of shoulder and neck. I saw Oska. At that time, a staff member introduced how to use it and I found that this new product was very convenient. After my husband returned home to use on the shoulder and neck for about two hours. He felt the regularly pain on shoulder and neck had been eliminated. 

I tried it in my waist for two to three hours. I could feel the effectiveness of Oska. After a few days we buy one more again, then we can have one for each. I don’t have to wait for my husband to use it, which is much more convenient.

“ Better than taking more medicine. ”
March, 2020, Mr.To

I have chronic migraines and fibromyalgia. Although I have only had this device a week, I could not live without it. It helped break one of my worst migraines that my strongest medicine could not break. I normally wake up every morning with a migraine. I have been using this device throughout the night and my morning migraines are so much better. I am using the device constantly since there are no side affects or limitations on usage. So much better than taking more medicine. Helped with my fibromyalgia pain as well. It reduces inflammation which is so helpful.

“ Recommend it. ”
March, 2020, Mr.Tang​

I've only had this for a few days now, but it seems to be working for me. I've had bursitis and tendonitis in my shoulder for the past couple of months and that led to a frozen shoulder. It's been very difficult to mobilise the shoulder due to pain. I've tried NSAIDS, but had to stop due to GI irritation. I've also used TENS, which is somewhat helpful for pain, but doesn't really do anything for the underlying problem of tendonitis. After using this PEMF  device. it does seem like my shoulder is less inflamed and painful, which makes it much easier to do mobilisation exercises. I'm cautiously hopeful that this will turn my shoulder problems around. It is a bit expensive, but definitely cheaper than PRP or stem cell injections.

I've had this for about 3 weeks now. My shoulder pain is pretty much completely gone. It had been inflamed and painful for over 3 months, so having it clear up the pain in about a week was pretty dramatic. I wish I had gotten it when my shoulder pain first started, because the tendonitis had led to a frozen shoulder before I got the PEMF device, and now I'm having to do physical therapy to remobilise it, which can take months. Not sure if the PEMF device will speed that process, but I continue to use it about once a day. I think for localised use, this did work for me, and I recommend it.

“ Improvement about 70%. ”
Dec, 2019, Miss.Fong

I purchase this device around 3 months ago, I’ve been dealing with knee pain since an injury about 2 year ago and finally my pain was getting really bad to the point that I was ready for a cortisone shot, however I was trying to stay away due to my age (40 years) and their possible side effects; I did a lot of research including on medical information about this technology and I read all the review and all sites, I went ahead with the purchase. Take your time before you jump in to a conclusion, I saw real results around my 3rd week of use and I also started to use it on my arms due to a problem with tendonitis from finger to my shoulder. I’m so happy with this device. It is worth it… my goal it was reducing my pain and avoid keep taking more medication and shots and I concord that. My pain is not completely gone but it is an improvement about 70% of what I had on my knees. I hope for the same result on my arm.

“ Will likely be needing to use this consistently. ”
March, 2019, Ms.Li​

My husband no longer needs his knee brace and only has to put the Oska on his knee once every few weeks for a few hours. He is pain-free 99% of the time and will not need a knee replacement anytime soon.

I got this Mar, 2019 for left shoulder pain and limited range of motion that is of over 2 year's duration.

First day, I put it on top of my left shoulder for approximately 6 hours (I set a 90 min timer so I would remember to turn it back on again after it auto shut off).
Second day, First thing in the morning, I thought my range of motion without pain was a bit better, but attributed it to the placebo effect. Affixed it to the top of my left shoulder and kept it there and on for about 11 hours.
Third day, first thing in the morning, I had full range of motion in my left shoulder, pain free, for the first time in over 2 years. Before, I could only raise my left arm straight out to just under shoulder height. Now I can raise it above my head in a victory cheer!

I know it's not supposed to work so quickly, but maybe because I used it continuously for so long each day, I got quicker results.

I'm definitely keeping it.

I bought one for my husband as well for his knee. He hasn't worn his as long each day, but he says there is a reduction in "twinges" of sharp pain by about 50%,

We are both seniors, so will likely be needing to use this consistently.

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