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Wound Healing

Stage I -


Immediately upon injury, our body releases chemical signals to initiate blood clotting in the injured area. This increases blood flow through vasodilation, leading to reddening and swelling around the area lasting for several days.

Stage II -

Proliferation/ RE-epithelialization (Closure)

Lays fibrous protein collagen, new blood vessels are formed, and epithelial cells are created on wound to migrate and cover the wounded area.

Stage III -


The affected area will be further reinforced with protective collagen, building strength over time and eventually returned to its original state and function.s protein collagen, new blood vessels are formed, and epithelial cells are created on wound to migrate and cover the wounded area.

Process overlap until wound heal

The General Overlapping Process of Wound Healing

How Oska Pulse Help Wound Healing

Oska Pulse for Reduction of Scars & Keloids

The healing of wounds take time, and often brings unwanted effects such as formation of scars and keloids. With the ability to repair distressed cells, Oska Pulse PEMF technology is designed to...

  • Repolarizes ions, helps to sustain the voltage potential. Electrical potential are restored, benefical cellual process can be stimulated.

  • Reduce bodies imflammatory and long-term effect of healing: scarring, formation of keloids.

Oska Pulse for Eczema Worn Recovery

A dermatologic condition commonly experienced, causes physical torment: itch, redness, rough skin patches

​PEMF used in Oska Pulse when we consistantly over the affected skin, will help to restore the cellular electrical balance and effectively treats the painful Eczama outbreaks.

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Fade scars and redness

  • Heal patches and smooth skin surface

Oska Pulse For Patient With Diabetes

Patients with diabetes...

  • Suffer from compromised immune and vascular systems, which lead to impaired recovery of injur

  • Healing of cuts, wounds and injury is prolonged

  • Infection could escalate with hampered recovery process

Oska Pulse PEMF sequential treatment program extremely valuable to these complex cases.
It is designed to assist with the the capillary arcade, leading to increase blood flow and a stimulated lymph system. **Research has shown (Kwan, 2013)

  • Reduce wound size by 18% (as opposed to 10% in natural recovery)

  • Increases capillary velocity by 28%

  • Increases capillary diameter by 14%

Oska Pulse And Bacterial Infections

Any wounds may have risk to be infected by bacteria. Harmful bacteria such as Staph aureus (Ahmed, 2013), were exposed to PEMF, the growth rates decreased and there was a reduction in the number of colony forming units. In the clinical setting PEMF...

  • Help immune system to respond to the infection efficiently

  • Actually slow the bacterial growth rates

Michael Hawker

Inventor and Consultant of Oska Medic Technology International Perth, Western Australia

Dr Jeff Marksberry

Chief Medical Officer
Oska Wellness Carlsbad, California


Ahmed et al. Evaluation of the effects of Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) on Survival of the Bacterium Staphylococcus Aureus. Nonlinear Biomedical Physics 2013, 1-5.

**Kwan et al. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Promotes Healing and Microcirculation of Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulcers: A Pilot Study. Advances in Skin and Wound Care 2015, 28: 212-219.

Disclaimer : This document is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis or treatment. The Oska Pulse does not purport to treat, cure or prevent disease. Oska Pulse - Pulsed Electromagnetic Filed (PEMF) device is a non-invasive pulsed electromagnetic therapy device used to decrease in
ammation, increase circulation, improve mobility and relieve pain.

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