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About Oska Pulse


  • A pain relief wearable medical device with optimised PEMF technology

  • Made in USA


  • Pain Relief

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Increase Blood Circulation

  • Improve Mobility

Additional Benefits


PEMF technology is capable for treating many other conditions. We strongly believe Oska Pulse PEMF protocol may also help the followings, as it is designed to:

  • Faster Wound Recovery

  • Reduce Scars & Keloids Formation

  • Faster Recovery from Sports & Exercise


Clinical Research



  • Provides safe and effective relief for pain patients Clinically Proven for Significant Pain Relief 

  • There was significantly greater pain reduction in Oska Pulse group than in placebo. Results suggested the Oska Pulse may be an effective tool in pain attenuation with no adverse effect.

International Certifications


TGA Quote

  • A non-invasive pulsed electromagnetic field device intended to be used alone of as an adjunctive therapy for improved healing of existing conditions, reduce inflammation, and as an additional therapy in treating osteoarticular inflammatory conditions i.e.:a arthritis.


How Oska Works?

Oska Wellness USA Medical Advisory Board


    Dr. Joseph Shurman Quote:

  • At least 70% of my patients who used Oska Pulse, across a variety of chronic pain profiles, found relief. This is a real non-drug pain relief solution.


   Dr. Murray Rosenthal Quote:

  • Oska Pulse's PEMF technology has 60+ years  of science behind it that shows broad safety and effectiveness at the cellular and tissue level.

Important Notice / 重要通告

有客戶查詢,在非法網絡渠道上購買了假冒新貨而感染傳染病,我們對此強烈呼籲大家必須在我們認可的官方渠道購買Oska Pulse。


Some customers have purchased fake new products through illegal online channels and contracted infectious diseases. We strongly urge everyone to purchase Oska Pulse through our Approved Official Channels.

Please click here to learn more / 請按這裏了解更多

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