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重要通告 / Important Notice


為保障你的權利和健康,請在我們官方認可渠道購買Oska Pulse


我們是香港和澳門的Oska 唯一總代理。 只有通過我們官方批准的渠道購買的產品才能獲得製造商保修,並保證經過徹底的衛生和安全測試。 這不適用於通過未經批准的渠道購買的產品。

我們在這裏呼籲各位,希望大家購買Oska Pulse是經過我們官方認可的渠道,確保所購買的Oska Pulse是全新及行貨。避免墮入假冒新的二手貨而蒙上被傳播疾病的風險。

Oska Pulse始終是一件貼身使用的產品,如果上一手用家是有任何傳染病,皮膚病,病毒或細菌等,而大家在這些沒有保障的渠道購買及使用後便有可能感染疾病,實在得不償失,健康和性命都有危險。


作為總代理,我們是直接從Oska Pulse總部訂貨,產品是直接從美國廠家運送到我們香港辦公室,經過安全及衛生檢測,核對和中文說明書等重新包裝才送往門市銷售給客戶,過程嚴謹,清潔,而我們亦要求零售合作夥伴必須在存放及銷售過程中要確保產品的衛生與安全,所以在我們官方認可渠道購買才是信心的保證。


經我們官方渠道銷售的Oska Pulse均有一年保養和售後服務。

To Protect Your Rights and Health, Please Purchase Oska Pulse From Our Official Approved Channels

We are the Official Approved Distributor in Hong Kong and Macau. Only products purchased through our Officially approved channel will receive the manufacturers warranty and are guaranteed to be subject to thorough hygiene and safety testing. This does not apply to products purchased through unapproved channels.

We hereby appeal to all of you. We hope that you can purchase Oska Pulse through our Officially approved channel to ensure that the Oska Pulse purchased is new and licensed.

Oska Pulse is always a product for personal use. If the first-hand user has any infectious diseases, skin diseases, viruses or bacteria, etc., and if anyone buys and uses it from unsecured, unauthorised channels, they may be infected with the disease. It is not worth the loss, and health and life are in danger.


As Sole Distributor, we order directly from Oska Pulse Headquarter. The products are delivered directly from their manufacturer site to our Hong Kong office. After safety and hygiene testing, verification, and repackaged with Chinese manuals, before sending to the store for sale to customers. The process is extremely rigorous and clean. We also require our Retail Partners to ensure product hygiene and safety during storage and sales, so buying from our Officially Approved Channels is the guarantee of confidence.


All Oska Pulse sold through our Official Approved Channels have a one-year warranty.

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