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Referral Reward Program

As to celebrate 5th Anniversary, we really want to thank your support throughout these years. We are introducing a Referral Bonus Program, starting today!

As you already know that Oska Pulse is a really amazing medical device relieving pain and inflammation. Your experience using the Oska is so valuable. If you can refer your using experience to any of your friend, and he/she buy it within this Program period in our official website , both of you will get a Supermarket Cash Coupons as our appreciation. 


The Referral Reward

- Upon any successful purchase In Oska.Store of any types of Oska unit (90mins//Doctor(Improved Efficacy)), we will reward to both Recommender & New Buyer:


- 90mins 

Recommender gets $200

New Buyer gets $200

- Doctor (Improved Efficacy) Version

Recommender gets $400

New Buyer gets $400


- You are very welcome to buy extra units for yourself. Simply enter the Sales Order and your previous Oska Serial number at the form below. You will get Cash Coupons:

- 90mins $400

- Doctor (Improved Efficacy) Version $800

- There is no limit to the purchase even for the same Oska Serial number, the more referrals the more rewards you will get.

- This program period starts from 9th Feburary 2024 and finish at 31st March 2024.

Follow these steps:

1. Share your successful pain relief experience to your friends and family. 

2. Inform your friend (New Buyer) of the Serial number of your Oska Pulse, also your delivery details for the Coupons.

3. New Buyer purchase the desired Oska unit in Oska.Store and will receive the Oska in 1-3 Business days.

4. New Buyer please fill the application form below. The Cash Coupons will deliver mid May 2024


Terms & Conditions

1. This offer is only available purchasing online at

2. Any Oska you purchased in Hong Kong & Macau from our official channels is eligible to join.

3. Be sure to fill in the Application form below to join the Reward Program.

4. Delivery address only allow within Hong Kong & Macau territory.

5. Upon request, we may need your invoice for verification.

6. This offer cannot be used with other promotional offer at the same time.

7. Should there be any dispute, Oska Hong Kong (HKGCS) reserves the right of final decision.

New Buyer Application Form

Recommender Information Section (Additional purchase for existing customer plz fill in your previous Oska Serial Number)

Thanks for Registering.

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