Oska Pulse - From Your Doctor (Improved Efficacy) Version

Oska Pulse - From Your Doctor (Improved Efficacy) Version

New Rapid Recovery Protocol: Improved efficacy, Faster Pain & Inflammation Relief


Since 2018, we have imported Oska from United States and distribute in Hong Kong and Macau. This is the 4th year, many people asking how much faster of the Doctor Version Vs 90mins Version to relieve inflammation & pain? Although we know that everyone's reaction is different, it is always the Doctor Version is relatively faster, effective and convenient to use, however its PEMF protocol is the same. In view of this, Oska HQ has re-designed an enhanced Doctor Version, mainly to improve efficacy, faster pain and inflammation relief.


After R & D, testing and quality control, the New Oska From Your Doctor (Improved Efficacy) Version is now ready.


Oska HQ Claims:


"We know everyone reacts differently, and if we were using the existing Doctor Version, it could take 2 days to few weeks to notice a benefit. The New Doctor (Improved Efficacy) Version is showing results from day 1-3.”


World Premiere


Through our efforts to strive for Oska HQ, in addition to the US medical institutions have begun to use, Hong Kong and Macau will become the world's first launch in the retail field



  • New Rapid Recovery PEMF Protocol
  • 3 hours non-stop therapy
  • Longer Battery Life and Capacity
  • Medical Grade components possible
  • Some U.S. hospitals and medical centers already using
  • Specifically deisgned and used by U.S. Doctors


Package Contents

  • Oska Pulse Device From Your Doctor (Improved Efficacy) Version
  • Short & Long Compression Wrap
  • USB Charging Cable


Made in U.S.



User Instruction


Drink more water while using Oska Pulse!

Everyone, all ages can use Oska except:

  • Pregnant
  • Cancer under Chemotherapy
  • Implant such as Pacemaker



Be Patient!:
Everyone react different, some feel pain relief in hours some in days or weeks. Keep using it!