Oska Pulse - From Your Doctor
  • Oska Pulse - From Your Doctor

    Safe and Effective Pain Relief

    Start your pain relief journey today! This is a non-drug solution to pain relief using optimised PEMF technology. Clinically proven, Doctors' recommended.


    Additional Feature: Wound Healing

    The PEMF Healing Protocol from Oska Pulse - From Your Doctor is designed to assist:

    - Wound closure

    - Reduce Scar / Keloid formation

    - Eczema Worn Recovery

    - Patient with Diabetes' wound recovery



    • 3 hours non-stop therapy
    • Longer Battery Life and Capacity
    • Medical Grade components possible
    • Some U.S. hospitals and medical centers already using
    • Specifically deisgned and used by U.S. Doctors


    Package Contents

    • Oska Pulse Device From Your Doctor
    • Short & Long Compression Wrap
    • USB Charging Cable


    Made in U.S. 



    • User Instruction

      Drink more water while using Oska Pulse!

      Everyone, all ages can use Oska except:

      • Pregnant
      • Cancer under Chemotherapy
      • Implant such as Pacemaker

      Be Patient!:
      Everyone react different, some feel pain relief in hours some in days or weeks. Keep using it!

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