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慶祝進駐港澳5週年 - 優惠活動

Celebrating 5 years in Hong Kong and Macau  - Promotion Event


在此活動期間,顧客在我們的授權零售商或官方網站購買Oska Pulse產品,將獲得超市現金券或購物現金券。

Event Summary:
Duration: 1st Dec 23 - 31st Jan 24

During this event period, customers who purchase Oska Pulse from any of our authorized retailers or our official website will be eligible to receive Supermarket Cash Coupons or Shopping Cash Coupons. 


我們欣然地宣布,我們已經成為Oska Pulse在香港和澳門的獨家總代理已經5年了!在這些年裡,我們非常感激所有顧客和零售合作夥伴的支持。為了表達我們的感謝,我們正推廣以下活動:

  1. 購買Oska Pulse 90分鐘版, 將獲得$400現金券。

  2. 購買Oska 醫生(速效)版,將獲得$800現金券。

  3. 香港地區的顧客將獲得超市現金券,澳門地區的顧客將獲得購物現金券。

  4. 購買數量不限制。

  5. 活動期間從2023年12月1日開始,到2024年1月31日結束。

  6. 於我們的零售合作夥伴購買Oska後,只需進入我們的 產品註冊頁面 (登記你的Oska) 輸入購買信息。我們同事將與您聯繫/Whatsapp,核對購買證明和送貨地址。輸入購買信息截止日期為2024年2月28日。

  7. 核對訊息無誤後我們將在2024年3月中將現金券郵寄給您。



  1. 此優惠僅適用於在我們的官方零售合作夥伴官方網站購買Oska的客戶。

  2. 送貨地址僅限於香港和澳門地區。

  3. 根據要求,我們可能需要您購買時相關單據發票進行驗證。

  4. 此優惠不可與其他促銷優惠同時使用。

  5. 若有任何爭議,Oska Hong Kong (HKGCS 公司) 保留最終決定權。

We are pleased to announce that we have been the exclusive distributor of Oska Pulse in Hong Kong and Macau for 5 years! Throughout these years, we are truly grateful for the support from all our customers and retail partners. To express our gratitude, we are currently promoting the following event:

  • Purchase the Oska Pulse 90-minute version and receive a $400 cash coupon.

  • Purchase the Oska Doctor (Improved Efficacy) version and receive an $800 cash coupon.

  • Customers in Hong Kong will receive a Supermarket cash coupon, while customers in Macau will receive a shopping cash coupon.

  • There is no limit to the purchase quantity.

  • The program period starts from December 1, 2023, and ends on January 31, 2024.

  • After purchasing Oska from any of our retail partners, simply enter the purchase information on our product registration page. Our staff will contact you via WhatsApp to verify the purchase proof and delivery address. The deadline for entering the purchase information is February 28, 2024.

  • After verifying the information is correct, we will mail the cash coupons to you in mid-March 2024.


Terms and conditions:

  • This offer is only available for customers who purchase Oska from our official retail partners or Official Website

  • Delivery addresses are limited to Hong Kong and Macau territories.

  • Upon request, we may require your purchase invoice for verification.

  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers.

  • In case of any dispute, Oska Hong Kong (HKGCS Company) reserves the right of final decision.

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