User Experience

Using built-in rechargeable battery. Full Charge from 0% takes 1-3 hours.




*The built-in rechargeable battery is irreplaceable, last at least 5 years.

*Charging time depend on USB Amps.

No feeling and non-invasive but you may feel getting warmer and tingling.

As a chronic pain sufferer, you may feel pain area enlarged when 1st time using it.

*Feeling warm and tingling because of the blood circulation.

*Pain area enlarged means the toxics inside cell is getting out.

Having 2 problem area and quite far apart (say Knee and Lower Back), what do we do?


Buy 2!

For joints deterioration, subluxation, degeneration and other situations, Oska Pulse helps reduce pain and inflammation.

*No matter of the pain in muscle, tendonitis or other soft tissue, Oska Pulse has a really high chance to get you 100% pain relief. 

*Oska Pulse helps the source of Pain but cannot solve the root cause of the problem

Acute & Recurrent pain will increase speed of recovery, but no significant feeling when using Oska

Chronic Pain, first time using it may feel tingling, jumping, pain area spreading out, getting warm… that’s very good sign as the toxic inside the cells are getting out for their first time

*Chronic pain: pain exist more than 15 weeks